Traffic Map

The interactive Traffic Map shows you the countries in which visitor activity originated. When you mouse over a country on the map, its name appears in a window near the cursor.


Traffic Map Elements

leftbar The left bar chart tracks information about visitors. The default value is Cities (; to change the value, see Left Bar Chart below.
rightbar The right bar chart tracks information about visitors. The default value is Stage in Shopping (data.wt.tx_e); to change the value, see Right Bar Chart below.
pins Each pin on the map represents a unique visit to your site, and the user’s location during the visit. Only one pin is created per visit.
datawindowticker The data window ticker shows you the sliding 60-second window of data relative to the current time. The results you are viewing represent the visitors that arrive within the 60-second window, as opposed to an aggregate of visitors during the entire viewing.
mapcontrols Use the map controls to zoom in and zoom out your view of the map. You can also click and drag the mouse, and use zoom controls on a mouse or trackpad.

Customizing the Bar Charts

You can customize the visualization by specifying parameters and values in the URL string.
Note: Separate multiple parameters with a pipe character: |.

For example:

Left Bar Chart

URL Parameter: key1

URL Example:
Right Bar Chart

URL Parameter: key2

URL Example:
Filtering Results

URL Parameters: where, or

URL Example:

Usage notes:

      • Use the plus character + to indicate a space. If the parameter value contains +, use a double backslash to escape it. For example:
  • city:San+Francisco|restaurant:sushi\\+sake
  • Quotes are not used in the syntax.
  • If your value contains an asterisk, the query generated will use LIKE or NOTLIKE. If there is no asterisk, the query is a straight equal to or not equal to test.
  • A comma-separated list of values in a where query are interpreted as a set of AND conditions.
  • A comma-separated list of values in a or query are interpreted as a set of OR conditions.

URL Example:,*united*|

Default Connection Details for Traffic Map Data

Stream Type
select data.wt.tx_e,,, ext.geo.latitude, ext.geo.longitude, ext.device.type
JSON Connection Object
     “access_token” : “your_token”,
     “api_version” : ”2.0”,
     “schema_version” : ”2.0”,
     “command” : ”stream”,
     “stream_type” : ”scenarios”,
     “query” : ”select data.wt.tx_e,,, ext.geo.latitude, ext.geo.longitude, ext.device.type”