Using Streams Lab Controls

Use elements in the control panel to control and monitor the status of the stream.


Streams Lab Control Panel

streams_gohome Return to the Streams home page.
stream_startstreams_refreshstream_stop Start, refresh, or stop the stream.

Note: The incoming parameters list and top n boxes refresh when a new stream stops and re-starts.
stopwatch After you start a stream, the stopwatch displays the:

  • Number of events that have come through the streaming socket
  • Amount of time the stream connection has been open
streams_where Use the where filter to create a where clause that helps filter query results from the streaming server when you add parameters and values. You can drag parameters from the incoming parameters list, or type them directly to create a where clause.After you edit the where clause, click streams_refresh to view the stream filtered by the current where clause.
streams_shortcuts These controls are shortcuts to different views in the Streams Lab:streams_viewjson View the streaming data in JSON format.streams_explore_events Go to the Streams Lab, where you can drag incoming parameters into the top n panel to view returned values, value sparklines, and value count for that parameter.streams_gotosession Explore visitor sessions in the Session stream.