Using Incoming Parameters to Customize Streams Visualizations

Incoming parameters show you stream data as parameters are received. In the Streams Lab, you can filter your view of stream data by choosing certain parameters to view in JSON and top n trends.

Incoming parameters in the Streams Lab

Click Start to view the incoming parameters list in the left panel. You can click and drag individual parameters from the incoming parameters list into the where filter above the list or into the top n panel to the right to customize your current visualization.

Note: Parameters appear in the parameters list in the order in which they are received from the streaming socket.

Incoming Parameters and Top n Boxes

streams_expandcontrol Use the expand control to view multiple rows of parameters on the screen at one time.
streams_expandedview You can click and drag parameters from the incoming parameters list in the expanded view, as shown here, or in the collapsed view.
streams_top10panel Use the blue top n panel on the right to track incoming values for specific parameters. Each top n box shows you current data for the selected parameter. Click and drag a row from the incoming parameters list into this panel to append a new top n box to the group of boxes. Click the X in the top left corner to remove the box from the top n panel.
streams_top10box Each top n box contains:

  • Returned Values listed in top n order that change every second (as needed).
  • Value Sparklines that represent the increase in the total count of the variable value within the past second. For example, the hit counter for the value was 100 in the first instance and 113 a second later, so the sparkline creates a value of 13. Since the counter is incremental and additive only, and the sparkline shows the number of hits in a second, the sparkline value can never be less than zero.
  • Value Count that indicates the number of times the value has appeared since the stream was started.
jsonview The JSON View displays data from the stream in the form of JSON objects. When you stop the stream, you can select the last available JSON object for copy and paste.

Note: JSON View is not available when the incoming parameters panel is expanded or when the visualization builder is open.