Saving and Recalling a Streams Lab State

After you filter parameters with where clauses and drag parameters into the top n panel, you can save this lab state for quick recall another time. When you save a lab state, you are saving the included parameters and where clause filters, not the data.

If users on your account have saved any lab states, you can view the list from the Streams home page or from the Streams Lab.

Opening saved lab states from the Streams home page

Opening saved lab states from the top n panel of the Streams Lab

Saved Streams Lab Settings

The top n panel contains dynamic links whose appearance depends on whether your account has any saved lab states.
Note: Any account user can delete any saved lab state, regardless of who created it.
streams_saved_lab_begin Before you drag any parameters into the top n panel, the panel is in the open state and only the Open link appears.
streams_saved_lab_new_box After you drag one or more parameters into the top n panel, the Save button appears. At this point you can:

  • Click Save to name and save the current Streams Lab state for easy recall.
  • Add parameters or click in a top n box to remove it.
  • Remove all top n boxes from the panel if you want to start over.
streams_saved_lab_save_as If you click Open and choose a saved lab state from the list, the saved lab streams and the name of the saved lab appears as a link at the top of the top npanel. At this point you can:

  • Modify the where clause and parameters included in the lab state, click the name of the saved lab state, and then click Save to save the lab state with the same name.
  • Click the name of the saved lab state and then choose Save As to save the lab state with a different name to preserve the original saved lab state.
  • Click the name of the saved lab state and choose New to return the top n panel to the open state.
streams_saved_lab_remove To remove a saved lab state, click Open and then click next to the saved lab you want to remove.