Creating and Saving Custom Visualizations

Use the visualization builder to create custom visualizations of the stream based on Campaign Flow, 2D, Traffic Map, or Devices.

First, click Create Visualization at the bottom of the top n panel.
Top n panel
Second, click a thumbnail to choose a visualization type and start using the visualization builder.
Thumbnails in the visualization builder

The following example uses the Traffic Map visualization.

Visualization Builder

streams_customize_viz Data parameters customize the visualization. Click and drag a parameter from the top n panel or from the incoming parameters list to one of the drop zones to assign the parameter to that portion of the visualization.

Note: The top n boxes collapse when visualization builder is open.

In this view you can:

  • Remove a parameter from the visualization (click the X)
  • Replace an existing parameter (drop a new parameter on top of it)
  • Choose a different visualization type from the drop-down list above the visualization
  • Preview the custom visualization in a new window
  • Name and save the new visualization
streams_viz_preview This preview shows streaming data from parameters on the left side and ext.source.type on the right.
streams_viz_saved This example custom visualization is called “My Saved Visualization.” After you save the visualization, you can view it or click Close to return to the Streams home page.Some rules apply to naming and saving:

  • Each visualization type requires a unique name. For example, two maps cannot have the name “Visitor Map.”
  • Names are to include only letters, numbers, and special characters hyphen (-), period (.), underscore (_), tilde (~), space ( ), and comma (,).
  • Naming and saving are not available if the visualization does not have the proper number of parameters added.
streams_home_saved_viz Saved visualizations appear as additional thumbnails on the Streams home page.