Viewing Visitor Session Streams

When you view an individual viewer session, the session stream reveals information about the viewer and the events during the current session.

Note: The maximum time a session lasts is four hours. After 30 minutes of inactivity, a visitor’s session is timed out and the visitor will drop from the stream. If the visitor leaves the site, the visitor session appears grayed out or opaque.

Filtering the List of Visitor Sessions

Use parameters in a where statement to show specific events. For example, add the where clause data.wt.tx_e=’a’ to show only visitors who have added an item to their shopping carts. You might also want to filter by region, such’austin’ to see only visitors accessing your site from Austin. You can also combine parameters to further customize your view, such as data.wt.tx_e=’a’ AND’austin’ to show visitors from the city of Austin who have added items to their cart.

Monitoring a Visitor Session

At the top of a visitor session, you can see the visitor’s ID number, location, number of pages viewed, browser name and device type, and the time spent on your site. The count of page views and the amount of time on site continue to advance during the session.

Visitor session information

An individual visitor session shows you events using a basic shape for page events and non-page events.

streams_timeonlink Circular shapes indicate the amount of time the visitor spent on a thumbnail or other non-page event arrived at from a link on the previous page. These can show you the effectiveness of an ad campaign on your site. The example shows the visitor spent 5 seconds here.
streams_contentgroup Rectangular shapes indicate the visitor’s starting page, information about particular content groups viewed during the visitor session, and the page the visitor is currently viewing. The example shows content group information.

The following example shows a visitor’s activity on a site. You can clearly see where this visitor’s cart add, ad click, and order confirmation events occur. In addition, this view into a visitor session shows you exactly how much time the visitor spent on each page and non-page view.


Visitor session summary