Using Session Stream Controls

Use elements in the control panel to control and monitor visitor events.


Session Stream Control Panel

streams_gohome Return to the Streams home page.
stream_startstreams_refreshstream_stop Start, refresh, or stop viewing the incoming visitor session stream.

Note: The incoming visitors list refreshes when a new stream stops or starts.
streams_session_stream_stopwatch After you start a stream, the stopwatch displays the:

  • Number of visitors (sessions) currently on your site
  • Amount of time the current stream connection has been open
streams_where Use the where filter to add parameters and filter the live view of streaming visitor sessions.After you create or edit a where clause, click streams_refresh to update the view of the visitor session stream filtered to your specifications.
streams_session_stream_country An image of a flag indicates the visitor’s country. In this example, current visitors are from the United States, Brazil, and Canada.Use to limit the stream to users from a certain country.
streams_session_stream_visitor Visitors each have a unique ID to identify them. The visitor’s unique identifier displays along with the device type and browser used to access your site.Use and ext.device.type to limit the stream to visitors who are using a certain browser and a certain device.
streams_session_stream_counts_times Sort the visitors list by Event countTime on sitePage views, or Product views. Within any of these views, you can order from lowest to highest or highest to lowest count or time.