The 2D visualization shows a continuous stream of the top 8 content groups and, within each of the content groups, the title of the top 12 pages viewed on your site. You can customize both of these dimensions in the Streams Lab using data parameters.


The 2D visualization is a grid-based layout showing the top 8 values of a given parameter with each one containing the top 12 values of a secondary parameter. Each of these parameters is considered a dimension. The first dimension will default to parameter, data.wt.cg_n (content group), and the second dimension defaults to parameter, data.wt.ti (title of web content).

2D Elements

streams_two-d2 A sparkline is a trend line that appears at the top of the visualization. It covers a 30-minute window of time during which a new point is added every 30 seconds. The new point is the difference between the total count of all events since the last point was placed. For example, a visualization starts with 0 events. After 30 seconds, there are 131 events, so the sparkline places a point for 131. After a total of 60 seconds there are 206 events, so the sparkline has one point for 131 and one for the difference of 75.The sparklines in each of the first dimensions work the same way, except for displaying data relevant to their individual total values, not global event counts.
streams_two-d3 Each first dimension displays the value of that parameter followed by the total number of events in which the value has appeared in the last 60 seconds. In the example shown, the parameter is data.wt.cg_n=’Street Motorcycle’. The number fluctuates as events older than 60 seconds are trimmed from the count.The second dimensions work the same way, displaying their value and count on a 60-second rolling window.
streams_twod4 A scrolling ticker at the bottom of the page visualizes the 60-second window of events and the total number of events within the window. The total number of events is an aggregate of all first dimensions, including those not in the top 8.As in other visualizations, you can customize the parameters with key1 and key2 in the URL along with the where clause.