Webtrends Visualizations

A number of visualizations are provided to serve different business needs: monitoring campaigns, device usage, and traffic sources. The Streams Lab helps you experiment with streams to create your own visualizations. The session stream helps you track individual visitor events as they happen during each visitor session on your site.

From the Streams home page, you can choose a 2D, Campaign Flow, Traffic Map, or Devices visualization type to view the stream with minimal customization.

Important: From any page in Streams, click streams_gohome to return to the Streams home page.

Streams home page

  • 2D
    The 2D visualization shows a continuous stream of the top 8 content groups and, within each of the content groups, the title of the top 12 pages viewed on your site. You can customize both of these dimensions in the Streams Lab using data parameters.
  • Campaign Flow
    The Campaign Flow shows visitor traffic sources and destinations for a user-specified URL.
  • Traffic Map
    The interactive Traffic Map shows you the countries in which visitor activity originated. When you mouse over a country on the map, its name appears in a window near the cursor.
  • Devices
    The Devices visualization shows which devices individual visitors are using to browse the website.
  • Streams Lab
    Use the Streams Lab to experiment with a data stream, craft the ideal query for gathering the data you need for your own visualizations, and track immediate top n trends. You can create and save a customized visualization with selected incoming parameters.
  • Session Stream
    The session stream shows you visitor events in a session. A session is the time an individual spends on your site. You can filter the visitor stream with where statements, and select an individual visitor to view real-time events on your site.