SDC-Generated Visitor Parameters

Some visitor-related parameters that are generated and maintained by SmartSource Data Collector (SDC).

  • Visitor Tracking Parameters
    Use Visitor Tracking parameters to track daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly unique visitors. SmartSource Data Collector (SDC) inserts these parameters into the cs-uri-query strings.
  • Cookie Detection Parameters
    Cookie Detection parameters allow Webtrends to tie a visitor’s first hit with the rest of the visitor session. These parameters are generated and maintained by SDC.
  • URL Truncation Parameter
    SDC uses this parameter to overcome a maximum URL length limitation imposed by Internet Explorer (Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 208427).
  • HTTP Headers
    You may want to access custom HTTP request headers. These headers can be inserted by third-party products such as load balancers, application servers, or web server plug-ins. This parameter is assigned the value of the specified HTTP header, which can then be referenced in a Webtrends custom report.
  • JavaScript Tag Version
    The parameter specifies the version of the Webtrends JavaScript tag that is currently deployed.
  • Site ID
    The parameter enables the website owner to supply a site ID for one or more events when multiple events occur on the same hit.
  • Traffic Source
    You can use the WT.tsrc parameter to override any of the default Traffic Source values with a custom value.
  • Event Tracking
    Specifies the kind of event tracked.
  • Parent DIV/Table ID
    Track the page areas of elements that were clicked with this parameter.
  • Click-Based Tracking
    This parameter identifies the page a user was on when an event occurred.
    This parameter contains the value of the data collection identifier (DCSID) that generated the hit.