Transaction Parameters

Transaction parameters collect information such as type, quantity, and cost of purchases.


In earlier versions of Webtrends, this parameter was used to identify transaction types. Because Webtrends Analytics does not use this query parameter in any preconfigured custom reports, it is no longer supported.

Valid Value: Alphanumeric strings (maximum length 64 bytes)


WT . tx_t = type[;…]


Identifies the quantity in the transaction. Pass a positive integer for this value.

If an order contains multiple products, separate the numbers of units for each product using a comma or semi-colon (configurable) in the WT.tx_u variable.

Valid Value: Integers


WT . tx_u = units[;…]


Identifies the total cost for each product in the order.

The format of this field must match the currency format that Webtrends Analytics is configured to analyze. Do not include a currency symbol and pass the value in dollars.cents format. For example, if you globally define your currency as US-Dollars in Webtrends Analytics, the format of this parameter for a $4500 cost is: WT.tx_s=4500.00.

If an order contains multiple products, the totals for each product should be separated by a comma or semi-colon (configurable) in the WT.tx_s variable.

Valid Value: Decimals


WT . tx_s = subtotal[;…]


This parameter identifies the type of transaction. It is used as qualifier in measure definitions, along with the WT.tx_u parameter to determine which product to count for a measure.

You can pass a custom value for this parameter, or if you want to track product purchases, product views, product cart additions, and product cart removals, use:

Although Webtrends Analytics does not use WT.tx_e=p to determine whether a visitor is a buyer (WT.vr_brws), the Visitor Data Mart does. Instead Webtrends Analytics uses WT.tx_s to determine whether the visitor is a buyer. In addition, you can use the Invoice query parameters to include invoice number, date, and time for the purchase. For more information, see the invoice parameters WT.tx_i, WT.tx_id, and WT.tx_it.
Identifies a product view.
Identifies a product cart addition.
Identifies a product cart removal.
Pass a unique value to identify a visitor’s cart. 
Valid Value:


WT . tx_e = event