Campaign Parameter

Use this parameter to associate pages with a specific campaign.


Identifies a specific marketing campaign. Pass this query parameter to pages that you want to associate with a specific campaign. You can specify a numeric or string value.

Note: No errors are logged if you specify multiple campaigns with this parameter, but the Campaign ID strings are processed into visitor history as a single string, and are perceived by campaign attribution processes as a single campaign. For example, if you specified:


the campaign value is placed into visitor history as exactly this (a single campaign): Campaign01;Campaign02;Campaign03. It is exported back from visitor history in the parameter WT.vr.rac, and the single campaign appears in reports asCampaign01;Campaign02;Campaign03. All campaign attribution, such as revenue or engagement, is applied to the single string. Furthermore, if the same set of campaigns is specified in a different order, such as:


Webtrends reads it and records it as a new, separate campaign.

Valid Value: Alphanumeric string


WT . mc_id = ad ID