Auto-Configuration Parameters

Webtrends uses certain query parameters to automatically configure the appropriate advanced features and create related reports.

  • Content Group Parameters
    A Content Group definition uses the WT.cg_n and WT.cg_s parameters.
  • Advertising View Parameter
    The Advertising View definition uses the parameter, which supports multiple Advertising Views per page.
  • Advertising Click Parameter
    To capture the name of the advertisement clicked to reach a particular web page, the Advertising Click must contain an external redirect back to the client. The redirect needs to include the necessary code to generate a hit to Webtrends.
  • Server Parameter
    The Server definition uses the parameter, which supports a single server per page.
  • Scenario Analysis Parameters
    Scenario Analysis parameters specify well-known paths or processes in your website and are typically used to measure conversion and abandonment.
  • Scenario Analysis Parameters for Shopping Cart Analysis
    Use Scenario Analysis parameters to track shopping cart activity.
  • Title Parameter
    The Title parameter, WT.ti, supports a single page title per page.
  • Split Parameter
    The Split parameter, WT.sp, is the default parameter Webtrends uses to split log files for Parent Child profiles.