Understanding Webtrends Streams

Webtrends Streams provides access to a continuous flow of online activity on your website, enriched with powerful visitor information. It is not a database. Rather, it is a stream of data—each event as it happens—that you can access using web sockets and further process as needed.

Streams enables your marketing team to be very agile, continually reviewing and updating products or articles promoted on the home page based on their performance in monitored campaigns.

  • Understanding the Streams Process
    Event data is captured and sent to the streaming collection server (SCS). An advanced processing engine analyzes and enriches the event data in three seconds or less. The data is then made available to an API in JSON format, and can be consumed by an application or a visualization via a web sockets connection and the Webtrends Streams API.
  • About Streams Data Collection
    You can implement Streams in addition to Webtrends Analytics, or by itself.
  • Stream Types
    A number of stream types are provided to serve different business needs: content, traffic sources, scenarios, ad events, and more. Each type has a set of parameters associated with it.