Account Settings

Users, their roles, and the products users may access are managed in Account Settings.  If your user account has the Admin role, Account Settings appears at the top of the screen.

Click Account Settings.




Click People below the Categories heading.





 Account_Settings_Add_PeopleAccount_Settings_Add_People2 Add People

Click Add People to add new Users or Admins to Webtrends.

 Enter Email address.

Click the plus (+) sign to add multiple email addresses, if desired.

Select a Role and check the products to be accessed by the user accounts.


Note: An Admin has privileges to all products and can administer people and client apps.  A User does not have access to Account Settings and cannot add or remove people.

Click Send Invite and an email is sent to the addresses entered with details about how to access Webtrends with a temporary password.  Upon first login, users are prompted to enter their first and last names and change temporary passwords.

 Account_Settings_Edit_People Edit People with User Role

To edit a single user, click the Edit icon to the right of the user account.

To edit multiple users, check the boxes left of the user accounts and click Edit Access for N Users (where N corresponds to the number of users selected).

Note: Some user accounts being edited may have access to different products.  The edit dialog will present the product with a filled check box, in this case.  Checking the filled box will grant all selected users access to the product.

 Account_Settings_Edit_User Edit People with Admin RoleNote: Admins are not selectable for multi-edit because they have access to all products.  Only their Role can be edited.

Click the Edit icon to the right of the user account.

Select a Role and Save.

 Account_Settings_Name_Filter Filter People by Name

Enter a person’s name to filter the list of user accounts.

 Account_Settings_Prod_Filter Filter People by Product

To filter the list of user accounts that have access to a specific product, enter a product name.

Select Access to: [Product Name] from the search results.

 Account_Settings_Role_Filter Filter People by Role

To filter the list of user accounts assigned a specific role, enter a role.

Select Role: [Role Name] from the search results.


Client Apps

Manage the client applications that can access Streams.  A client application account consists of an application name, a domain, an authentication token, and an app secret.

Click Client Apps below the Categories heading.


 Account_Settings_Client_Apps Add Client App

Click Add Client App to obtain an authentication token and app secret for the client application.

Enter Name and Domain of the client application and click Create.

An authentication token and app secret is generated.