Developer’s Guide to Streams

As a developer, you will need to register the app you are analyzing, obtain an access token, and develop and run the client visualization.

The general process for developing for Streams is:

  1. Register the app you are developing for using Streams data.
  2. Obtain an access token using the Streams libraries.
  3. Develop and run the client visualization.

The client visualization app can be a simple JavaScript app or something more advanced, depending on the client’s needs. The app establishes a socket connection with the access token and uses Streaming API query language to select needed data for the stream. You can implement further client-side processing as needed.

  • Account Settings
    You can control the level of access to Streams for people and client applications through account settings. If your user account has the Admin role, Account Settings appears at the top of the page.
  • Registering the App
    You register the app to obtain the client ID and client secret, and then use these to generate an access token.
  • Querying the Stream
    The Streams API (SAPI) returns and receives all data in JSON format, making integration with other applications easy.