WSP Method for Instrumenting Analytics for SharePoint Feature

You can use the Windows Solution Package (WSP) method to add the Webtrends SharePoint Analytics feature to a site collection. Use this method if you can’t run the installer or use the standard method.
The following procedure installs and implements the site collection Feature by installing .wsp files.

  1. Copy the .wsp files from SetupResources to a location on the SharePoint machine.
  2. As an administrator, install the solutions using stsadm.exe.
    stsadm -o addsolution -filename [location of wsp]

    Note: You can also do this using PowerShell. For more information, see Microsoft’s documentation. For more information about stsadm.exe, see Microsoft’s SharePoint Administration documentation.

  3. In SharePoint Central Administration, choose System Settings > Manage Farm Solutions, and select the solution to deploy.
  4. Deploy the Feature(s). For each site collection you want to track:
    1. As a site collection admin, navigate to the site settings for the site collection(s) you want to track.
    2. Choose Site Collection Administration > Site collection features.
    3. Activate the Webtrends SharePoint Analytics Feature and/or the Webtrends SharePoint User Info Collector Feature.
    4. Using SharePoint Designer, connect to each site collection and navigate to Lists/WebtrendsAssets.
    5. Edit webtrends.load.js and update the DCSID and timezone with your specific values.