Deploying the User Information Web Part Manually

Collecting extra user attributes such as department requires that you deploy the Webtrends SharePoint User Info Collector solution. This SharePoint Feature integrates with the SharePoint User Profile and provides additional analytics attributes (parameters) that you can report on.

In the procedure that follows:

  • Step 1 adds the solution package to the SharePoint server
  • Step 2 provides two options for deploying the solution
  • Step 3 activates the solution for the site collection
  1. On the SharePoint server, save the .wsp file, and then run the following command in PowerShell to add the solution package to the server:
                            stsadm.exe -o addsolution -filename C:\Program Files\Common
                            Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server
  2. Use one of the following options to deploy the solution:
    • (Preferred method) Click Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Farm Solutions, and then click the solution you added in Step 1. Click Deploy Solution and then click OK.
    • Run the following command from PowerShell:
                            stsadm -o deploysolution -name WebTrends.SharePoint.UserInfo.wsp
                            -url http://sp-dev/ -local  -force
  3. Activate the new Feature under Site Collection Features. SharePoint-user_info_collector

If this Feature is enabled, the following Attributes are collected using these parameters:

Attribute Name Parameter
Domain WT.shp_domain
Location WT.shp_location
Manager Name WT.shp_mgr
Department WT.shp_dept
Job Title WT.shp_title
Office Location WT.shp_office
Login Name WT.shp_login