What is Webtrends Optimize?

In this era of personalized web experiences, you need tools that help you make confident, data-driven decisions that increase revenue and improve return on marketing investment. Testing and optimization reveal the quantitative impact of redesigns, providing insights into what worked, why it worked and what matters most to customers.

And that’s what Webtrends Optimize® is all about.

Webtrends Optimize is an on-demand platform that makes it easy to create, manage, and report on your website testing and optimization campaigns. Using Webtrends Optimize, you can present variations of site elements to visitors without disrupting their user experience, then use the resulting data to learn which variations were most successful. Successful variations produce conversions and “lift” in key site performance metrics, directly affecting your business.

With Webtrends Optimize, you can test hero shots, headlines, call to action buttons, navigation, testimonials, and many other design concepts. You can also can sharpen your marketing message by delivering tests to specific customer segments to understand any differences in behavior or results–for example, segmenting by visitor environment (such as browser, date, OS), geolocation (such as country code, area code, time zone), URL parameters, or many other categories of data.