The Webtrends Optimize Dashboard

The Webtrends Optimize® Dashboard displays an overview of your tests and targets–their names, associated projects, and what state they’re in. The Dashboard is also where you go to begin creating and managing tests, targets, and audience segments.

The Optimize Dashboard

 1 Optimize New Test or Target button
: Click to return to the Webtrends Optimize dashboard page at any time.
 2 Test or Target state: A count of how many tests or targets are in each state (Live, Staging, Published, or Archived). Click a state to see a list of tests and targets in that state.
 3 Optimize New Test or Target button
: Click to create a new test or target.
 4 Tests and targets list: All tests and targets in the current account. The list includes the test or target’s associated project, when it was last updated, and its current state.
5 Search: Search the tests and targets list. You can search by test or target name, project name, or URL.
6 Manage Segments
: Click to view the Manage Segments page, where you can create and edit audience segments.
7 Optimize User menu: Your personal menu, where you can change settings, get help, or sign out.