Test and Target States

A Test or Target may be in the Staging, Live, Published or Archived state. The state determines who can see the test or target and what changes are possible.

Type Description
Staging Visible only to someone that has the preview link, but not public. You can view, edit, and share the appearance of the variations before the test is made live.
Live Visible to all visitors in the audience segment (if applied). Webtrends Optimize® is actively changing webpage content depending on the design of the test or target.
Published (Tests only) The chosen variation appears on the website. A test is typically published after it has been live for a while and a variation “winner” (the best performing variation) was determined.
Archived All effects of a test or target are removed from the site, and the site reverts back to its pre-test state. Archived tests and targets cannot be modified or reused.