Publishing a Test Variation

If a test is Live, you can choose to publish one of its variations. You typically publish the optimal variation, but you can publish any variation at any time. For example, if a test is running longer than expected and you have a deadline, you might choose to publish the currently best performing variation, whether or not a statistical “winner” has been declared.

 To publish a test variation:

  1. Click the test’s thumbnail on the Dashboard.
  2. Click  optimize_allvariationsbutton, and select the variation you’d like to publish.
  3. Click Publish. The variation is immediately available for display to visitors.

Does Webtrends Optimize® Change My Website?

Webtrends Optimize never makes changes to your site. Instead, based on test and target parameters, it manipulates the content when it is being rendered by the web browser before the visitor’s browser displays the page. If a test or target is running on the page, then appropriate visitors are shown the variation. If not, Webtrends Optimize does nothing. Behind the scenes, the process works like this:
The Optimize process

When Do I Make The Changes On My Own Website?

The key benefit of using Webtrends Optimize is that you can immediately publish and show a successful variation to visitors. You can use Webtrends Optimize to keep displaying the variation until you’re ready to implement it on your own site. Once you implement the changes, you should archive (essentially, un-publish) the test in Webtrends Optimize.