Standard Parameters

When your account is first enabled with Infinity Analytics, the following standard parameters are automatically given user-friendly names and added to the reporting application for use in dimensions, measures, and segments.

This initial set of query parameters are pre-configured to help you begin using Infinity Analytics; however, it is possible to apply user-friendly names to any query parameter collected in your account.  To do so, and to make additional query parameters available for use in Infinity Analytics, see “Managing Parameters” in Account Settings.

Category User-Friendly Name Query Parameter
Commerce Campaign ID data_wt_mc_id
Commerce Conversion data_wt_conv
Commerce Invoice data_wt_tx_i
Commerce Product SKU data_wt_pn_sku
Commerce Scenario Name data_wt_si_n
Commerce Scenario Step Name data_wt_si_p
Commerce Scenario Step Number data_wt_si_x
Commerce Transaction Event data_wt_tx_e
Commerce Transaction Subtotal data_wt_tx_s
Commerce Units data_wt_tx_u
Content Content Group data_wt_cg_n
Content Content Sub Group data_wt_cg_s
Content Data Source data_dcsid
Content Domain data_cs_host
 Content Onsite Search Phrase data_wt_oss
Content Onsite Search Results data_wt_oss_r
Content Page Title data_wt_ti
Content Page URI data_cs_uri_stem
Content Page URL data_wt_es
 Device Browser Name ext_browser_name
Device Browser Version ext_browser_version
Device Client IP data_c_ip
Device Device Name ext_device_mktn
Device Device Type ext_device_type
Device Network Type ext_net_type
Device Operating System Name ext_os_name
Device Operating System Version ext_device_osver
Device Organization ext_net_org
Geo City ext_geo_city
Geo Country ext_geo_country
Geo Language data_wt_ul
Geo Region ext_geo_region
Time Date datetime_utc
Traffic Source Referrer data_cs_referer
Traffic Source Referring Domain data_cs_referer_domain
Traffic Source Referring URI data_cs_referer_path
Traffic Soruce Search Engine ext_search_engine
Traffic Source Search Phrase ext_search_phrase
Traffic Source Traffic Source Name ext_source_name
Traffic Source Traffic Source Type ext_source_type
Users New-Returning User user_type