Standard Dimensions

These standard, commonly used dimensions can easily be added to your Infinity Analytics reports.  To learn more about adding dimensions to reports, see Adding and Remove Dimensions.

Note, all standard dimensions are event-based and include all events in a session where the parameter is present.  Additionally, standard dimensions cannot be edited or deleted.  In a future release, these dimensions may be hidden if you choose not to use them.

Dimension Name Query Parameter
Browser Name ext_browser_name
Browser Version ext_browser_version
Campaign ID data_wt_mc_id
City ext_geo_city
Client IP data_c_ip
Content Group data_wt_cg_n
Content Sub Group data_wt_cg_s
Conversion Event data_wt_conv
Country ext_geo_country
Data Source data_dcsid
Date datetime_utc
Day of Month datetime_utc
Day of Week datetime_utc
Device Name ext_device_mktn
Device Type ext_device_type
Domain data_cs_host
Entry Page data_wt_ti (entry) + data_cs_uri_stem (entry)
Exit Page data_wt_ti (exit) + data_cs_uri_stem (exit)
Hour of Day datetime_utc
Invoice data_wt_tx_i
Language data_wt_ul
Month datetime_utc
Network Type ext_net_type
New-Returning User user_type
Onsite Search Phrase data_wt_oss
Operating System Name ext_os_name
Operating System Version ext_device_osver
Organization ext_net_org
Page data_wt_ti + data_wt_es
Page Title data_wt_ti
Page URI data_cs_uri_stem
Product SKU data_wt_pn_sku
Referrer data_cs_referer
Referring Domain data_cs_referer_domain
Referring URI data_cs_referer_path
Region ext_geo_region
Scenario Name data_wt_si_n
Scenario Step Name data_wt_si_p
Scenario Step Number data_wt_si_x
Search Engine ext_search_engine
Search Phrase ext_search_phrase
Traffic Source Name ext_source_name
Traffic Source Type ext_source_type