Report Table Overview

Whether you are tracking a campaign or determining your top device types per country, the Infinity Analytics report table is an intuitive canvas for examining your data.

Table Structure

  • Dimensions appear in the left column and remain visible even as the table scrolls horizontally.  You can add as many dimensions as you like.  To learn more, see Adding and Removing Dimensions.
  • Measures appear across the top row of the table and remain visible as the table scrolls vertically.  You can also add and remove measures, and change the order of columns.  To learn more, see Adding, Removing, and Reordering Measures.
  • All cells outside of the left column and top row show calculations of your data.

In this example, the dimension is Operating System Name and the measures are Sessions, Users, Views, Bounce Rate, and Views per Session.


Reading a Table with Multiple Dimensions

View dimensions on their own or in hierarchical order with each set of sub-dimensional values being filtered by the parent dimension that precedes them.  This dimensional drill down capability allows you to interrogate your data in new and targeted ways.  Whether you are looking at a Webtrends-supplied multi-dimensional report or one created by your team, the layout reamains the same.

In the example below:

  • There are two dimensions: Operating System Name and Browser Name.
  • The table is sorted by Sessions in descending order.  To learn more about sorting by measures, see Sorting Reports by Measures.
  • The first five results for each sub dimension are visible.
  • Show more in the last row displays additional sub dimensions.