Navigating the Webtrends Infinity Analytics User Interface

Analytics Home Screen

When you sign into Infinity Analytics you will see a screen very similar to the one below.  This is the Analytics home.

  • The main content of Home is a list of Collections, sorted alphabetically.  From here, you can navigate to a specific Report within a Collection.
  • On the far left of the screen is a list of icons that allow you to navigate to other apps where you have access.  In this case, the user has access to Optimize and Account Settings. This navigation bar is always present while using Infinity Analytics.  If you are ever unsure about which app you are currently using, you can simply look to the blue bar near the top of the screen.
  • At the bottom left of the screen is the Account menu.  From this menu, you can sign out, change your profile, or switch to other accounts you can access.




Report View

When you view a Report, you will see new navigation options, some of which are similar to the home screen.

  • The navigation at the far left still includes the ability to switch apps and the Account menu.
  • The breadcrumb at the top of the screen is still present and now helps you see where you are currently within the Infinity Analytics app.  In the example below, you are looking at the “Devices > Browsers” Report inside the “All Data” Collection, which is itself in the Infinity Analytics app.
  • Toward the left of the screen is the list of Reports.  This list allows you to navigate to other Reports in this Collection.  You can also search for Reports using the search field near the top of the Report list.


  • The Categories in the Report list expand and collapse on click.  The number of the right of each Category represents the number of Reports in that Category.