How Reports are Different with Infinity Analytics

Webtrends Infinity Analytics offers unlimited flexibility of reporting and data exploration, meaning any report can be customized on the fly, extended with an unlimited number of dimensions and measures, and drilled down into to unlimited depths.

In Infinity Analytics, reports are actually report definitions; they are expressions for how you want to query your data.  Data for reports is not pre-processed and aggregated in advance.  When you select a report from the menu, the report definition is used to query our Webtrends Infinity big data platform at the time it is selected.  You no longer have to wait until the next analysis cycle to view the latest data.

How does reporting in Infinity Analytics differ from Analytics On Demand?

Analytics On Demand Infinity Analytics
Report data is delayed 4 to 24 hours Report data is available in less than one hour
Static report definitions Dynamically add and remove measures, dimensions, and segments to reports on the fly
No on-the-fly segmentation – filters need to be applied to profiles to segment the data All reports can be segmented on the fly
Further analysis of a report requires the use of Webtrends Explore to dig deeper Every report can be interrogated ad hoc
Limited dimensional drill down Unlimited dimension drill down
Reports require re-analysis once changed All report changes are available immediately – no re-analysis required
Unique user counts available in select reports with potential differences when crossing time boundaries Unique user counts available in all reports and consistent across time boundaries
Page views, visits, visitors Views, sessions, users
On-the-fly segmentation not possible within a report Report segmentation, including segment comparisons, availalbe on every report