Displaying Chart Data

Data is presented in a report table at the bottom of the report window.  You can select one or more cells in the report table to display in the chart.  This functionality works much like Microsoft Excel:

  • To select a single data point, just click a cell in the report table
  • To select multiple adjacent data points, select a cell, then Shift-click to select additional cells
  • To select multiple data points that are not adjacent, select a cell and then Control-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac) to select each additional cell

Your selections in the report table display a color dot corresponding to the same color trend line or bar in the chart view.

NOTE: You can select multiple data points within a single measure, but you cannot select multiple cells across different measures.  For example, you can select any number of cells in the Sessions measure column, but you cannot select cells from both the Sessions and Views measure columns.

Example: Trend Line Chart


Example: Bar Chart