Adding and Removing Dimensions

You can add and remove dimensions from any report at any time.

To add a dimension

  1. Place your cursor next to the dimension in the Report where you want to drill down, and click the plus icon.
  2. The dimension drill down menu appears.  You can type the dimension name to search the list or scroll to find the dimension of interest.
  3. Select a dimension, and its values are added as sub dimensions to the report.

To remove a dimension

  • Click the X icon Help_remove_icon next to the dimension name at the top of the report table.  Dimensions may be removed in any order, but the report table must have at least one dimension.

To re-arrange dimensions

  • Dimension names that appear in the report table header be dragged to different positions.  To move the second dimension to the first, for example, place your cursor on the second dimension name and drag it to the first dimension position in the header row of the report table.