Using Dimensions

What are Dimensions?

Dimensions are the primary focus of an analysis.  A dimension is the attribute that is being analyzed with the help of measures and segments. Examples of dimensions include Traffic Source, Device Type, or Country. Explore comes with over 50 of the most common dimensions.

To get started, simply select a dimension from the Explore menu.

After creating a view, you can drill deeper into multiple dimensions. In doing so, you continue to narrow into the data set of interest that best answers business questions about the digital property you are tracking.

Drilling Into a Dimension

Drilling Into a DImension


 Changing the Order of Dimensions

To gain a different perspective on the data, you may want to change the order of the dimensions; for example, you may have a view that shows how many tablet users browse with Chrome. In this case, you have dimensions of Device Type and then Browser. By changing the order of the dimensions to show browser first and then device type, you can see all the devices on which Chrome is being used.

Explore allows you to easily drag and change the position of dimensions. Just click the dimension name in the header, hold, and drag it to the desired position.

Reordering Dimensions