Should I Use Explore, or Analytics On Demand?

Data farming, or data exploration?

Analysts often respond to unique, “one off” business requests to mine data that can inform business strategy. Explore is built for this kind of unplanned, ad hoc analysis.

Explore is a companion application that enhances Webtrends Analytics On Demand. While Analytics is a powerful tool for viewing historical channel-specific reports and dashboards and performing longer-term data analysis, Explore adds the ability to drill down and perform “on the fly” segmentation and ad hoc analysis. Explore can also help you analyze behavior across multiple channels.

To see channel-specific reports and dashboards and perform longer-term analysis, try Analytics On Demand. When you can’t find the answers you need in your Analytics reports, or you need to perform more unique, ad hoc or cross-channel analysis, try Explore.

For more information about how Explore and Analytics On Demand work together, please see the Explore FAQ.