What is Explore?

Why was there a dramatic spike in my site’s traffic?
Which customers are having conversion issues, and at what step?
How can I optimize my customer journey for users across geographic locations or devices?

Webtrends Explore™ helps you answer questions like these through ad hoc exploration of your data. Using the same data collected with your existing Analytics On Demand tags, you can:

  • Uncover insights into the multi-channel customer journey
  • Drill down into any dimension of your data
  • Identify and create segments on the fly
  • Discover what’s causing unexpected customer behaviors, traffic patterns or campaign results
  • Save views, segments and metrics and share them across your organization

What is “Ad Hoc” Data Exploration?

In the world of analytics, “ad hoc” analysis has two main steps: formulating a specific (often one-time) business question, then creating an on-the-fly, customized view into the data that helps answer that question. Ad hoc analysis always begins with a specific business question.

With Explore, this means using dimensions and segments to create a customized view. This is the power of ad hoc analysis with Explore: you’re not limited to only predefined views or reports on your data–instead, you define what that view looks like when you need it, on the fly.

See Explore in Action

Here’s a practical example of using Explore to perform ad hoc analysis of user behavior.

Key Concepts

  • Data is organized and presented in views that you create. Views contain dimensions, segments and measures.
  • Dimensions are attributes you choose to focus on–for example, device type. You use segments and measures to analyze dimensions.
  • Segments filter data to narrow focus within a chosen dimension–for example, the new visitors or mobile segments within the device type dimension.
  • Measures are calculated values applied to dimensions–for example, userstime on page, and bounce rate.

Explore Overview