Example Scenario: A Spike in Traffic

There a lots of questions you can answer about your digital marketing data with Webtrends Explore. Let’s say you’re a retail marketing analyst. When checking your dashboard you notice that there’s an increase in traffic to one of your product groups. Since you’re not running any specific email campaigns, ads or search programs that would explain the difference, so let’s look into this spike.

To understand more about what’s going on, you look at your referring domains report that says the source of this traffic is AOL. You can also discover this using Explore. With a bit more investigating you find AOL ran a story that included a link to your retail site.

It is great to see an increase in traffic. However, you may want to understand the impact to your business. Is there value to this traffic? Meaning, is it resulting in new sales? Let’s find out by digging into the data using Webtrends Explore.

After logging into Explore, let’s create a new view based on the traffic source.



Doesn’t seem like a lot compared to other traffic sources, but it certainly made a difference in traffic to a product group. Let’s compare further by adding the Bounce Rate metric. You can see that users coming from AOL to your site are looking at a lot more pages than the average referring source since the bounce rate is significantly lower.


We need to really look into this more deeply to understand whether this traffic is delivering business value. Now, let’s add the custom measure for Purchase Conversion Rate to the view that we created earlier. It’s a calculated measure that divides Purchases by Sessions.


Clearly, these are highly valuable users with a reasonable conversion rate. This is a good source of high-quality traffic. But who are these users, what are they interested in, and how can you build on this unexpected success?

To explore this further you could create a segment for this traffic source to isolate and investigate their user journey.


Once you have applied this segment to the view, you could drill down using the custom dimension for Product Category to see what categories of products they are primarily viewing and buying.





Adding the Views and Conversion Rate measaures may yield insights about what product categories are of interest to these visitors. You could even continue to drill down to the product SKU and find out what these visitors are purchasing most frequently.

Using ad hoc data exploration you can see that this traffic source appears to be a strong target for targeted advertising or promotions. In this analysis you have been able to review the source of the traffic, and determined the value of those visitors. Through a deep dive into your data, you can quickly and easily uncover and identify new marketing opportunities. Digging even further into the details of these visitors by product category, geography and SKU, you can target campaigns to the best converting product categories and SKUs for a more successful campaign.