Creating and Saving a Segment

To apply a segment directly within a dimension, see Applying a Quick Segment in a View.

To create a segment:

  1. Click New Segment.
  2. Select the scope (Sessions, Events, or Users), and select and describe a dimension. In the example below, we’ve selected Tablet and Mobile Phone as the values for the Device Type dimension.New Segment
  3. Give the segment a meaningful name and a brief description.
  4. Select where to save the segment:
    • This view only: Saved only while the view is in use. The segment is lost when you close or navigate away from the current view.
    • My library (Private library): Viewable only by you. You can use these segments in other views.
    • Public Library: Visible to all users. This option is not visible if you do not have proper access rights.
  5. Click Save. Once a segment is created, you can drag and drop it into the current view.