Webtrends SharePoint Tag Installer App Behaviors

This section contains miscellaneous errata relating to the Webtrends SharePoint Tag Installer app that are not specific to any one section.

  • In the Site Contents of any Site Collection with the Tag Installer app deployed, there is a document library titled WebtrendsAssets that appears to contain the various Webtrends JavaScript files used in tracking activity within the SharePoint site. These are actually local copies of the .js files that are overwritten every time a new configuration is saved in the WAA app configuration screen. Do not modify these .js files, or your changes will be overwritten the next time an admin makes an app configuration change.
    behaviors 1
  • If the app fails to install for any reason, the icon remains greyed out, and a Click to retry option is available. If retrying again fails to deploy the app, click Click to retry, then click click here to cancel to trigger an app rollback.
    behaviors 2
  • At this time there is no way to exclude specific pages or subsites from tracking using the default Webtrends scripts, however, you can exclude data from the reports by using exclude filters.
  • If the app was deployed using the multiple site collection deployment method, there is only one instance of the app. The individual configuration options are stored with the associated site ID so users can have different configuration per site collection.
  • The app deploys the code to include the webtrends.load.js file using a User Custom Action.
  • If the app is uninstalled without being disabled or retracted first, the list and user custom action remains on the host site, continuing to send data, until manually removed.
  • The multiple site collection deployment method does not enable tracking on all sites. It merely deploys the site to all site collections so the individual site collection administrators or owners can enable it.
  • Default deployments of the SharePoint Tag Installer app tries to use hosted .js files on S.Webtrends.com. If you do not want to use the latest hosted files, and instead use files local to the version of the app you have, de-select the Use hosted Webtrends.js box on the General tab of the app.