Verify Functionality

You can verify the functionality of the tag by visiting your page and using

  1. In a browser, enter the URL for your page and append the _wt.debug=vvvv where the number of v’s (maximum 5) represents the debug output level displayed within the browser debug console. The more v’s, the more granular the ouput.
    verify 1
    Note the debug output and console logs in the above image. The latter logs show the Webtrends-hosted tag version.
  2. Type WT.Debug.dumpParams() to output the configuration parameters for the Webtrends-hosted tag as well as Analytics and Webtrends Optimize®, if they are so configured.
    verify 2
  3. Search the debug output for the following lines to ensure the tag loads successfully.
    verify 3
    Generally, the lack of error indicates a successful load and track. If this is not followed by or preceded by a product timeout message then the track was successful.

Example of Failures
verify 4

Note the Product Timeout message. This is indicative of what product had issues (in this case Webtrends Optimize).