Tracking Implementation Guide for SharePoint 2013/2016/SharePoint Online (Office 365)

This guide documents how to implement Webtrends tracking and reporting for SharePoint 2013, 2016, and SharePoint Online/Office 365 implementations. This includes potential pre-requisite configurations that might be required down to customizing locally hosted JavaScript (.js) files.

Much of this document is reproduced on Microsoft’s Office help site. If the instructions in one of the sections below do not match your UI (perhaps due to an update to Office 365 or SharePoint), try this link.

Once the Webtrends Advanced Analytics (WAA) app is deployed to a Site Collection and enabled with a valid DCSID, all pages and subsites within that Site Collection are automatically tracked, even pages and subsites created at a later date.

Manual Tag Installation

To manually configure the Webtrends tag, use the following help topics to install the Webrends tag on your SharePoint site:

This method of implementation allows tracking of SharePoint 2013, 2016, and SharePoint Online deployments without use of the Webtrends Advanced Analytics app. Instead, these instructions show you how to modify your master pages to deploy the new .js files the app uses. Some minor knowledge of .js is required as the referenced .js files must be modified slightly to match your local environment.