Tag Management Systems Integration

How does the Webtrends Infinity Tag integrate with Tag Management Systems (TMS)?

That entirely depends on why you are using a TMS. Using a TMS to deploy tags on your sites has several advantages:

  • Ease of deployment by limiting .js content to typically a single line that doesn’t need to be modified once deployed
  • Globally distributed tag content using some sort of CDN owned by TMS vendor
  • Storage of multiple versions of tags and tag customizations
  • Customizable rules for when to deliver a particular tag or tag customization to a client

Although it’s not a TMS, the Webtrends Infinity Tag, and supporting architecture does manage some of these bullet points. In particular, the first and second.

There is only a single line of .js you need to deploy that will not change, even across tag versions, or regardless of any customizations or custom plugins.

The tag is also hosted on a global CDN (Akamai), so that same benefit is gained without the need of a TMS. However, should you wish to use the Webtrends Infinity Tag with a TMS in this manner, simply provide the TMS with the link to the tag you want to use. It should look something like:

<script type=”text/javascriptsrc=”//c.webtrends.com/acs/account/xxxxxxxxx/js/wt.js“></script>

This leaves the last two use cases.

If you wants to use a TMS to be able to host multiple copies of the tag with different configurations, we can help with that as well. Right now, that means obtaining the static .js files for their site from technical support, and then delivering modified versions of that code to the TMS. This is the same procedure you might use on an earlier generation WT tag. The difference here is that there is not yet a self-service layer to retrieve the bare .js code.

If your TMS has the ability to host raw .js files, simply upload the files obtained from support as you would for any other TMS hosted .js files.

Lastly, if you want the TMS to be able to make configuration changes to the WT Infinity Tag on the fly, or use rules to control the tag through a user interface, that’s a use case WT can’t support yet (but is working on).

These last two functional features (being able to download static .js files, and setting up rules based .js delivery) are being worked on as part of a new self-service tag configuration UI. That should allow easier self-service with the Webtrends Infinity Tag in the future.