Regional Options

Webtrends offers three regional options for each of its Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions. These options allow clients to constrain data collection and processing to geographies appropriate to their regulatory requirements. These options are:

  • Global
  • US-EU
  • US-Only

Note that Webtrends provides data collection centers in selected locations around the world in order to optimize the data collection and content serving performance by using global load balancing to route visitor traffic to the closest data center. By selecting a regional option to restrict traffic to a subset of data collection centers, clients understand that they forgo the performance benefit offered by data centers located outside the selected regional option.

To select the appropriate option, clients must indicate their selection to their Webtrends contact who will provide them with the appropriate tagging code for the selected option. Clients must then instrument their website with the provided tag so that Webtrends Solutions know which option to use for traffic routing. The restriction on routing to groups of data centers is entirely controlled by the tagging implemented on the clients’ site. Changing regional options requires retagging.

See tables below for the current data centers used for each solution and regional option, as well as for data collection URLs associated with each option.

Global Option – This is the default option for all Webtrends SaaS Solutions. With this option, clients’ traffic use all available data centers around the world.

US-EU only – Designed primarily for our European clients, this option restricts routing of clients’ traffic to data centers located in the EU and USA.

US-Only Option – This option restricts routing of clients’ traffic to data centers located in the USA.

Data Center Locations1

US-only Option
US-EU Option
Global Option
Product Hillsboro, OR Las Vegas, NV Ashburn, VA Amsterdam, NL Sydney, AU Tokyo, JP
Analytics Yes (Processing) Yes Yes Yes No No
Segments Yes (Processing) Yes Yes Yes No No
Infinity/Streams Yes (Processing) Yes Yes Yes No No
Optimize No Yes (Processing) Yes Yes Yes Yes

1 These are the locations as of September 2016. Webtrends reserves the right to expand to new data centers or relocate data centers at any time. In all cases, the use of the appropriate tagging URL restricts traffic routing to data centers within the selected region.

Data Collection URLs

Data collection

Global URL

Safe Harbor URL


DCS JS tag
(Analytics, Segments, SharePoint)*

(Analytics, Segments, SharePoint)**

SCS (Infinity, Streams)**

OTS (Optimize)

* Available on request. Need 1 week notification for implementation.

Regional Options Graphic

SaaS Solutions Regional Options