Infinity Tag data collected by default

The following is a list of parameters collected by default by the Infinity Tag in default configuration (with Analytics and Optimize products included). It does not include data derived post collection from this default data set, nor does it include a list of what can be collected using advanced configurations or tag customizations.

Default collected parameters with Infinity Tag (automatic events): – yes|no value for if cookies are enabled on client browser
wt.co_f – first party cookie value hash – 3rd party cookie value (if enabled and accepted) – timezone from user’s browser – browsing hour (local to user)
wt.ul – user languages as reported by client browser – color depth as reported by client browser – screen resolution of client screen
wt.ti – page title from client browser
wt.dl – Webtrends event type value (integer) – event source (HTML string) – tag version – indicates whether or not the client has enabed Java (yes|no)
wt.js – Javascript enabled (yes|no)
wt.ct – connection type
wt.fv – Flash version (if enabled)
wt.slv – Silverlight version (if enabled)
wt.ssl – is this hit HTTP (0) or HTTPS (1)
wt.vt_f_tlv – time of last visit (timestamp)
wt.vt_f_tlh – time of last hit (timestamp)
wt.vt_f_d – is this the first visit of the day (1|0)
wt.vt_f_s – is this the first hit of a new session (1|0)
wt.vtid – visitor ID hash
wt.vtvs – session identification string

If persona service is enabled:
wt.persona_pid – a hashed persona identifier, typically identical to wt.persona_vid
wt.persona_deviceid – a hash value that represents that particular device used by the visitor
wt.persona_sessionid – a uniqueID for the session
wt.persona_pid  – a value that we generate in the persona service that represents the persona
wt.persona_vid – basically a copy of pid for most cases. This could be different if we were unable to match a deviceid to a particular persona on file and we started a new persona entry as a result

If Optimize is enabled:

Partial content tracks: – Optimize project type id (integer: 1) – Optimize account id (integer: 27249) – Optimize project ID (integer: 28654 ) – Optimize test ID (integer: 36456) – Optimize Experiment ID (integer: 364567) – Optimize factor name (string: myElementIdOrCSSPath) – Optimize action tuple path(s) from browser (string: #tab1-heading > h2; [data-wt-id=\”#tab1-heading > h2\”]) – Optimize number of tuples found on page (integer: 4)
wt.dl – Webtrends event type ID, for Optimize events this is typically 210
opt.tcr – test content rendered, listed by ID

 Full page/content render tracks:
opt.project_type_id – Optimize project type id (integer: 1)
opt.account_id – Optimize account id (integer: 27249)
opt.project_id – Optimize account id (integer: 27249)
opt.test_id – Optimize test ID (integer: 36456)
opt.experiment_id – Optimize Experiment ID (integer: 364567)

Webtrends Infinity data collection uses an internal tool to generate a standard W3C log file format for legacy Analytics 9/10 only (several fields remain in these generated logs in order to not break the standard, but are otherwise unused). Infinity reporting no longer stores or processes log data in this format.

When looking at logs generated by this method, the default fields are as follow:

Fields Example Notes
date 1/11/2012 The date the server call occurred
time 00:00:00 The time the server call occurred
c-ip The IP address of the client that accessed your server
cs-username Configurable for authenticated visitors, such as for Sharepoint userIDs
cs-host Site domain
cs-method GET The action the client was trying to perform (e.g. GET, POST)
cs-uri-stem /ResourceCenter/rc/overview.asp Page URI stem
cs-uri-query The contents of this field vary from hit to hit. See the list of default collected parameters above.
sc-status 200 The HTTP status code
sc-bytes The number of bytes received by the server – unused for Webtrends Analytics
cs-version HTTP protocol version (HTTP, FTP) – unused for Webtrends Analytics
cs(User-Agent) Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+8.0;+Windows+NT+5.1;+Trident/4.0;


The user-agent of the client’s browser
cs(Cookie) WEBTRENDS_ID= fdd8:75e7:5bbd:bce6::1;

+WT_ACCT= fdd8:75e7:5bbd:bce6::1;

The content of the cookie sent or received, if any
cs(Referer) The URL of the prior page
dcs-geo This field is no longer used in Infinity reporting. Geo data is derived from an IP lookup post collection.
dcs-dns DNS (Domain Name System) lookup info.
origin-id dcs-2012-01-11-00-00000-iaddcs06 The Webtrends data collection server receiving the server call
dcs-id  dcskz4se500000ct6yt30qmm3_7p6j Data source ID

Note: because Infinity Data Collection no longer requires a DCSID, that particular field may contain an accountID instead.