Remarketing with Action Center

Before you begin with Action Center, identify your remarketing goals and understand how Action Center can help you achieve them.

Before you work with Streams or Action Center:

  1. Create a campaign based on your uplift goal
  2. Set up the campaign with your email vendor, including creative content
  3. Identify the table for Webtrends data (and, in Responsys, the column names for mapping to Webtrends)
  4. Ensure you are capturing any subscriber/customer ID required to match to the Email remarketing provider in a parameter, so that Webtrends Streams can access it. For more information, see Subscriber or Customer IDs in Email Remarketing.

After goals and data are outlined:

  1. Create and save a stream in Streams Lab to address campaign needs
  2. Create an action (and, if necessary, configure a connection) to associate the stream with the connectionAction_Center_FLOW

Subscriber or Customer IDs in Email Remarketing
Email service providers need a subscriber or customer ID to match a customer to an event and send a message for remarketing.