Configuring a Connection for Responsys

Follow these steps to configure a connection for Responsys.

Have the current certificate text ready when configuring a connection.

      1. On the Actions dashboard, click Manage Connections. The Manage Connections dialog opens.
      2. Click Responsys in the navigation bar. The Connect to Resonsys dialog opens.act_ctr_responsys
      3. Complete the name, endpoint (address), login and password.
      4. Drag and drop the certificate text into the text area. Each connection is trusted; you must have a valid certificate. The certificate you were originally issued is not guaranteed to work indefinitely, as certificates may be revoked at any time. If a new certificate is needed, contact Responsys. Not sure how to create a valid certificate?
      5. Click Connect. The Create a destination for Responsys dialog opens.action_ctr_responsys_cfg
      6. Complete the fields to describe the destination and make a selection from the Format drop-down.


        • Table and column names must match exactly the names as they occur in the database.
        • Key Column Name is the primary key in the table. The column name you enter here must match one of the column names you enter when mapping query parameters to columns, thereby designating a query parameter as the primary key. For more information, see A note about column mappings.
      7. Click Save.

Generating Public and Private Keys for Responsys Connections
Responsys endpoints have some special requirements for generating certificates. Follow these steps to create a self-signed certificate (i.e. a public key) and a matching private key on a Linux computer.