Configuring Actions

The steps for creating an action are unique to each partner system. Follow the steps for the partner system you are using.

Things to know about actions

  • The Session Streams feature is required to create an action
  • An action can include only one saved stream, and deliver data to only one destination system
  • Action Center parses the session and passes the last instance of a query parameter (for example, the value of the last instance of WT.pn_sku in the session)

Configuring an Action for Responsys
Follow these steps to configure an action for Responsys.

Configuring an Action for ExactTarget
Follow these steps to create an action for ExactTarget.

Configuring an Action for Silverpop
Follow these steps to create an action for Silverpop.

Configuring an Action for SFTP
Follow these steps to create an action for Secure FTP.

A note about column mappings
The Key Column name field in the “Create a destination…” dialog must contain the same parameter as the parameter designated as the primary key in the Email Service Provider (ESP) data table (in the Send field of the Data section of the dialog when creating an action).

Event Selection Subqueries
An advanced feature that allows you to “subquery” the events within the Streams you have selected in order to make sure that only the most complete and accurate data is being sent to a remarketing feed.