Action Center, Streams and EMail Remarketing

Action Center is a platform that integrates in-session, customer-level Web data with action systems such as email service providers, CRM systems, and marketing automation systems. An action associates a Web data source with a system. For example, an action can configure a Streams connection to an email partner system, identifying prospects for email remarketing or cross-selling. Actions are stored, so they can be activated and run at a specified time.

Email remarketing with Webtrends

Webtrends boosts your email remarketing efforts by:

  • Increasing conversion rates through relevant communication
  • Increasing conversion rates by acting on small windows of opportunity (i.e., abandoners)
  • Providing analytics data for multi-stage campaigns, tailored to potential customers
  • Cost-effective email marketing (reducing “blasts”)

A solution for a variety of campaigns

Action Center and Streams provide a unique, powerful solution for these email remarketing campaigns:

  • Shopping cart abandoners
  • In-session remarketing
  • Cross-sell product interest
  • Geo-targeting campaigns
  • Lead generation (individuals and the white papers, surveys and other qualifying materials)
  • Failed registration forms
  • Partially converted, funnel or scenario visitors