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Auto-Configuration Parameters

Webtrends uses certain query parameters to automatically configure the appropriate advanced features and create related reports. Content Group Parameters A Content Group definition uses the WT.cg_n and WT.cg_s parameters. Marketing Campaign Parameter With Webtrends v7.0 and higher, WT.mc_id replaces WT.mc_n and WT.mc_t for marketing campaign reporting. Advertising View Parameter The Advertising View definition uses the […]

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Event Selection Subqueries

What Are Event Selection Subqueries Webtrends Action Center supports an advanced feature that allows you to “subquery” the events within the Streams you have selected in order to make sure that only the most complete and accurate data is being sent to a remarketing feed. To describe the problem: in a session Stream query in […]

Upgrading Your Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint Installation

Current SharePoint 2010 users with Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint version 2 can upgrade to Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint version 3. This version of Analytics for Sharepoint is for use with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. Important:¬†Uninstall any earlier versions of Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint before you upgrade to version 3. See instructions for uninstalling below. […]

About Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint v3

You can instrument your SharePoint site with Webtrends Analytics to collect data about users, documents, on-site search, breadcrumbs, and webparts. The optional User Info Collector component enables the JavaScript tag to collect more information about authenticated users. The Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint JavaScript tag is responsible for collecting information about activity on your SharePoint site […]